Orchid Pots UK

Orchid Pots UK

Our orchid pot range has been designed with orchid experts and manufactured carefully in the E.U. from high quality, recyclable plastics.

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Orchid Pots UK stock culture pots, stakes, clips, watering cans, solar lights.

We have specialist clear pots, ceramic pots, plastic outer pots. As well as orchid saucers, stakes, clips and more!


Quick Tips

You should always make sure you allow enough sunlight to hit some of the roots of your orchids,
this is easily done by using our clear orchid pots and saucers.

You should never over water your orchid and for this we recommend using water sprayers instead of watering cans

From time to time your orchid will become too big for its pot and will require potting in a larger pot with some fresh repotting mix.

Your orchid requires special nutrients now and then, not just water! You can purchase Orchid Bloom or Orchid Care here.

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Orchid Pots UK Sizes

Find the exact size to suit your orchid

9cm, 12cm, 13cm, 14cm, 15cm, 16cm, 17cm, 19cm, 21cm


Fun Facts

Orchids are a very diverse and widespread family of flowers, with blooms that can be colourful, fragrant and marvellous to look at.

Currently, there’s a staggering 28,000 accepted species, distributed amongst 763 genera.

The number of orchid species is almost equal to the number of bony fishes, which is more than twice the number of bird species, and roughly four times the number of mammal species. Luckily there’s a whole website dedicated to orchid pots.

Fleury Orchid Clip Pink (4cm) PACK of 8

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