Orchid Gift Set, for Orchid Lovers

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Orchid Gift Set includes:

The Orchid Gift Set is worth over £75 bought individually, the perfect gift for the orchid lover. Orchids not included (sorry!)


When to repot an Orchid

Repotting orchids is very important, in order to ensure growth and health. There are two main ways to tell if your orchid needs repotting:

  1. If it’s growing out of its container, you may see white roots popping out between the spaces in the container. This is a sure sign that your plant has outgrown its home.
  2. The other reason for orchid repotting is when the potting medium begins to break down. Orchids grow in a very chunky medium, and when it breaks down into smaller bits, it won’t drain as well. Change out the medium to give your orchids’ roots the air they need.